About Us

Ciggys is the Home of Try Before You Buy. We are a family owned and operated vape and tobacco shop that specializes in bringing quality tobacco and vape supplies to Dallas, GA. Whether you have switched from tobacco to vaping or you are still enjoying tobacco, we have products that satisfy your needs at prices that satisfy your wallet.

Our vape shop offers everything the discriminating vaper could possibly need. We have over 175 flavors of e-juice that you can try before you buy. No matter what your level of vaping experience we have products for you, from very affordable starter kits to advanced mech mods and accessories.

Haven't moved to vaping and still enjoying tobacco? We carry a full inventory of Virginia tobacco, filter tubes, rolling machines and accessories for the roll your own community.

Our goal is to bring you fantastic customer service, great products and a solid selection to help you stay away from manufactured cigarettes.

Whatever your reason may be for needing a vape or roll your own tobacco shop, we have a product that will serve it. Stop by Ciggys the Home of Try Before You Buy in Hiram or Dallas, GA the next time you need supplies!